October 30, 2017

The Crew Checks Out the Haunted Crescent Hotel

As part of our Do The Ozarks Halloween series, The Arkansas CW Crew went back this year to the  famous haunted hotel The Crescent Hotel.  Built in 1886, the first 15 years it served the carriage set and was a exclusive year round hotel resort.  
1937 to 1940 the college closed and it open as the Baker's Cancer Curing Hospital. The Hotel was reopened a restored to its original grandeur.  Many came, were treated and died. Several of the ghost stories come from this era that they say wander the hotel.  
During our tour we had a chance to go into Theodora room, Michael's room and the Morgue.  We found orbs when we went back through our photos.  By Theodora's room we found yellow and orange orbs that showed up in the hallway by a door frame and then showed up around Dustin when he was pretending to look for his keys like Theodora is known for doing when she has been sighted.  This was a yellow and orange smaller orbs. Which carry a meaning of warning and protector orbs.
Then we experienced an orb outside around the crew after we came out from the morgue.  it was an orange orb.  Orange orbs are known to paranormal investigators as orbs that have assumed the role of a protector.  This orb was very strong and big. You can check out more photos of the orbs in the gallery at the bottom of this article.

Find out about one of the most famous haunted hotels, The Crescent Hotel by watching interviews below.

            Room 419 -Theodora's Room Part 1


            Room 419 -Theodora's Room Part 2


                Stairwell and Michael's room 218

                      Michael's room 218 Part 2


                             Morgue Part 1


                            Morgue Part 2


                           Morgue Part 3


                            Morgue Part 4


You can find out more information on ghost tours by going to: Crescent Hotel Ghost ToursCheck out Gallery below.


Crew checks out the Haunted Basin Park Hotel in Eureka Springs

As part of the Do The Ozarks Halloween Series we stop by the Basin Park Hotel in Eureka Springs to check what haunts could be found.  Not only did we find a treasure trove of history, we found some ghost with a new app! 

We had lot fun with this new app, it is called Ghost Hunting Tools (Detector)  We downloaded it to our phones and checked out the hotel!  This ghost detecting tool translate frequency into letters that form words.  Check out the ghost stories we heard about and what we saw with our ghost detector by watching the video below.

Ballroom Part 1

Ballroom Part 2

Speakeasy Room

Hotel Hauntings on room floors

Spa Deck On Second Floor and Stairwell 

For more information on the Spirits of the Basin Tour at the hotel click here.

Photo Gallery


October 29, 2017

Alba Botanica NWA Fashion Week Hits the Runway in November!

The Arkansas CW and 40/29 is a proud partner of Alba Botanica NWA Fashion Week Shows!

The Alba Botanica Fashion week hits the runway November 9th and 10th here in Northwest Arkansas!  Fashion Designers from across the state will be showing off their talents on the runway at "Drake Field" in Fayetteville from 6pm-11pm both nights.

Proceeds help fund the development and production opportunities for our local designers.   

Participating Boutiques and Designers:  Love Zelda, Couture Bridal, Junque Rethuque, Hello Luvvy, Alberti & Co. Bride N Groom, Aimz Designer, Rosie Rose Designer, Masons, Melonhopper, Rulli Torres, Rustic Mule, Felix Bui Couture, HEM Apparel, Material Concepts, She Said Yes Bridal, Cordale J, RC by Richard Cotto, Vesta's Boutique, Down Right Denim, Chavon Shree, Brittany Nicole.

Proud Sponsors of NWA Fashion Week Shows:

The Arkansas CW, ABC 40/29 TV, Ropeswing 3W Magazine and Maybelline New York.  Ropeswing, Paris Presents , Uptown Eyes Glassware Gallery, Signature Bank of Arkansas, CitiScapes Magazine, Power 105.7, Real Techniques, Olive Tree Salon, KUAF National Public Radio, DiaGeo and Wedington Family Dental.

For more information on the shows, how you can support or buy tickets go here:  

NWA Fashion Week is a non-profit organization and this is their mission:
Northwest Arkansas Fashion Week (NWAFW) exists to highlight designers, artists boutiques and other creative professionals who are committed to building a vibrant, inspired creative community in Northwest Arkansas.  

October 27, 2017

The Crew Checks Out Ghost Stories at the Ft Smith Museum of History

We start our Do The Ozarks Halloween Series with a trip to the The Fort Smith Museum of History.  Over the next few days leading up to Halloween we will be posting more haunted places around around area.  

The Fort Smith Museum of History was our first stop on our list of haunted places we wanted to visit in our area.  The museum was established in 1910.  This museum strives to preserve over 40,000 artifacts from the city's and surrounding region's history.  You can go here to find out more about visiting hours and upcoming events. Click for more info .

With so much history gathered in one place, comes plenty of ghost stories.  We had a chance to check out some of these stories with the help from Caroline Speir Historical Interpreter/Exhibit Designer of the Fort Smith Museum of History.  We experienced several unexplained things while we were there. This included our camera bagged being moved not once but twice to a floor we weren't on.  A child's hand prints showing up on a piano top and by and old doll house, plus two blue orbs showing up at night in front of the museum.  Check out 9 episodes below from our visit to the museum.
(picture taken to the above right on Oct 7th 2017 -two blue orbs by front door of museum)

Part 1 -introduction to museum and info

Part 2-basement

Part 3-2nd Floor

Part 4-Judge Parker's courtroom exhibit

Part 5-3rd Floor-Closed to public

Part 6-4th Floor-Closed to public

Part 6-4th Floor-Closed to public

Part 7-1st Floor-The Dolls

Part 8 -The Crew Checks out the museum

Part 9-1st Floor-Ice Cream Parlor  

Photo Gallery


October 26, 2017

Local Talent Wins Big at Arkansas State Fair

Photo provided by: Marla Keady
Percy Robertson,winner of Division 3 at the Arkansas/Oklahoma Youth Talent Competition in Fort Smith, has added more hardware to his collection.  Percy competed at the Arkansas State Fair in Little Rock on Oct 21st and he danced away with First place in the Senior Dance Division and took Overall State Fair Talent Winner! Congratulations Percy on a job well done!   



October 20, 2017

NWA Anime Festival to be held in Bentonville!

On November 10th-12th This year's Arkansas Anime Festival known as A2F will be held at the Doubletree and Four Points Sheraton in Bentonville, Arkansas. The Arkansas Anime Festival is Arkansas' largest and longest running anime and gaming convention. Check out the guest list below and go here to get registered today! 

Announced guest:
Samantha Inoue-Harte, Voice Actress-Stunts and FX Make-up

Samantha Inoue-Harte as a voice actress has worked on over 43 Japanese anime and video game titles.  You might know her from Final Fantasy Unlimited as Chocobo and Cactaur, Kingsisle Entertainment's Pirate 101, Sakura Wars as Kohran Ri, DC Universe Online as Isis and Lust.  She is currently working in a live action adaptation of the anime Battle Angel Alita.  Her work also includes Animation Director for SpikeTV, actress stunt worker and Gore FX make-up artist.   For more about Samantha go here

Andrea Caprotti, Animator and Illustrator

Andrea Caprotti is as animator and illustrator from Austin, Tx.  She worked a lead animator at Rooster Teeth, RWBY, RWBY Chibi, and Red vs. Blue.  She also worked as a 3D artist at Cartoon Network Games. Andrea will be at the festival on Saturday and Sunday only.   For more about Andrea go here. 

Bound By Fire
Bound by Fire is based out of Springfield, MO. They are a high performance midwest spinning poi and you can't miss their cheesy jokes!  This group is very entertaining and a must see!

Phoenix Down
Phoenix Down is a variety of multi-propped entertainers.  Prepared to be in awe with inspiring LED experience creating thrills, illusion and wonder! An experience you don't want to miss.

The Arkansas CW Crew

Dustin, Devante, Shane and Dustin!

Stop by The Arkansas CW booth: 
Meet the Arkansas CW Crew, get a free picture at our Photo Booth, free giveaways and chance to win prizes!

The Arkansas CW is the home of well received shows such as Flash, Riverdale, Arrow, legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Supernatural, The 100, and iZombie. 


The Arkansas Anime Festival is Arkansas' largest and longest running anime and gaming convention. 

Get your tickets now! For tickets and other event information go to  Arkansas Anime Festival Website now!




October 19, 2017

Customer Appreciation Event at McLarty Daniel Ford in Bentonville

Dustin Williams stopped by McLarty Daniel Ford in Bentonville to talk to General Manager Jason Hooe about their upcoming customer appreciation event on Monday.  Check out the interview below!

October 18, 2017

The Crew lands at the Halloween Festival at Castle of Muskogee

With the month of October comes comes fall and halloween fun!  The Arkansas CW Crew powered by McLarty Daniel stopped by the Halloween Festival at the Castle of Muskogee in Oklahoma.  Shane, Dustin and Devante couldn't wait to find out what goblins and ghouls awaited them on our visit.  The halloween festival is open Friday and Saturday nights throughout the rest of the month.  You can click here to get more information on times and ticket information.

Find out everything you need to know about the festival from Owner Jeff Hiller.  Plus, interviews with cast members and site director Bill Overby about the building of the festival. And you don't want to miss Dustin's interview with Annabelle!   

Interview with Owner Jeff Hiller

 Interview with cast members

Part 1 of interview with Bill Overby

Part 2 of interview with Bill Overby

Part 3 of interview with Bill Overby

Part 4 of interview with Bill Overby

Interview with Annabelle

October 12, 2017

World Premiere of "6 Below: Miracle on the Mountain" -Cast and Crew talk about the Film

The Bentonville Film Festival kicked off the season with the the world premiere of "6 Below: Miracle On The Mountain". It was held last night at the AMC theater in Fayetteville. 
"6 Below: Miracle On The Mountain" is a true story about Olympic hockey player Eric LeMarque (played by Josh Harnett), a double amputee and his struggle for survival as he is lost in a massive winter storm in the Sierras. He was pushed to the limits of human endurance while fighting his own personal demons.   

The film will be released in theaters for one night only on Oct 12th and will be available to watch VOD plus digital HD after Oct 13th.  

Eric LeMarque, Cast members, Director and producers attended the premiere.  From Left to Right:  Greg Renker, executive producer,   Sarah Dumont, actress and cast member, Scott waugh, director, Eric LeMarque, Olympic hockey player, Mira Sorvino, Actress and cast member, Tucker Tooley, Producer, Simon Swart, producer.  We had a chance to talk to them, click below to watch their interviews and photo gallery.

Interview: Eric LeMarque, writer and Olympic hockey player

Interview with Mira Sorvino, plays role as Susan Lemarqe, Mother of Eric in the film.

Interview with Sarah Dumont, plays the role as the head of the sky patrol in the film.

Interview with Scott Waugh, Director

Interview with Tucker Tooley, Producer

Photo Gallery